Hot Dip Galvanizing

R. K. Engineering & Galvanizers offers hot deep galvanizing as traditional corrosion protection for steel and metal components. The entire process is done by the skilled professionals of the organization.

We have galvanizing process in high / normal temperature.

Hot galvanizing line is used to produce corrosion resistance and smooth layer on the surface of raw pipes after cleaning. The main equipments Include´╝î drying oven, heating furnace, galvanizing machine, drawing machine, drawing upward unit, pulling out roller, moving device, internal blowing with steam and air combination,(orgnide rod internal blowing) laying flat device, cooling tank, spraying conveyor. mark conveyor, blue ring machine, electrical device and so on. Wanxin company can produce hot galvanizing pipe mill spec ranges between 1/2 inch to 10 inches.

Lowest First Cost : In many cases galvanizing costs less to apply compared to other coatings with short.

Lowest Long Term Cost : Even in case where the initial cost of galvanizing is higher than comparable system, Galvanizing is invariably cheaper in the long run on life cycle cost analysis.

Long Life : The Standard 610 gm / Sqm galvanized coating has a typical life without maintenance of mon environments & 35-50 years in urban & coastal conditions.

Realiability : The galvanizing coating is bonded metallurgically to the base steel so that it becomes part of Coating life & performance are therefore reliable & predictable.

Coating Toughness : A galvaizing coating has unique metallurgical structure which gives out standing mechanical damages in transport, erection & service.

Eliminatin of Maintenance for long periods : The use of galvanizing defers maintenance for coating on steel. Remember maintenance can be extremely expensive when it entails difficult access or located in inaccessible areas.

Automatic Protection for Damaged Areas : Galvanized coating corrode preferentially to steel, protection to small exposed areas of steel through damage to the coating. Unlike organic coatings no to

Complete Protection : Every part of galvanizing article is fully protected, even recess sharp corner other coating applied to a structure can provide the same protection.

Ease of Inspection : Galvanizing coating thickness is controlled automatically by steel thickness & coating mass is assured. Soundness & continuity of coating can be judged by bare eyes.

Mechanical Properties : Galvanizing has no effect on the mechanical properties of commonly gal

Time Saving : Galvanizing is a faster process than painting or epoxy & elimination of site painting subtantial time in site erection or assembly of jobs.